Pedro Nogueira

Professional journalist living in Brasilia, Brazil
MA in Communication Studies, UFMG

Freelance translator
[email protected]

Communication specialist

I've been through newsrooms and press offices, managed digital projects, and advised on crises.

The reality is: I love to explore the web, understand audiences and promote ideas, both online and offline.

I'm used to writing on behalf of small and large companies, foreign governments, NGO and Ministers of State. All my work relies on a single goal: promoting conversation.

Freelance translator

Languages: a passion and a calling

Brazilian Portuguese is my mother language. I’m immersed in English, with a soft spot for the British. I also navigate French and Spanish. My everyday job is to write, edit and translate.

Press notes, briefings, articles, marketing content, projects, white papers, and strategy - and the list goes on. I can guide your text when it needs to cross borders.

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